What’s important to us

We work for women. Women are the experts on their own lives and we help them to achieve their goals.

We provide dedicated help and support for women and children affected by violence.

We want to advocate for women’s rights, women as people, and women in our wider society.

We work to raise public awareness of the topic of domestic violence against women and children and the types of abuse that can affect women:

Physical abuse is when a man pushes, kicks or forcibly restrains a woman.

Emotional abuse is when a man insults or scares a women, or makes her believe she is crazy.

Stalking is when a man follows a woman and constantly sends her messages that she does not want.

Sexual violence is when a man insults a woman by making sexual comments or when a man touches a woman against her will.

Digital violence is when a man tracks a woman using technology such as her smartphone or when a man exposes a woman online, for example by publishing intimate photos of her.

Femicide or intimate femicide, is when a woman is killed by a man because of her gender. We also look at the role of government institutions and other actors in the fight against the murder of women; which measures is the government taking, and which is it failing to take, to prevent these deaths?