Advice and support

Our all-female team at the refuge will support you as you settle into the refuge and your new environment and help you start to feel safe again.
The refuge is also home to girls and boys ranging in age from babies to teenagers, all of whom have witnessed violence directed at their mothers. We also want to make sure that these young people feel safe and protected at the refuge.

We offer guidance, advice, support and information on the following topics:


For women

  • Finances
  • Legal options
  • Administrative formalities
  • Lawyers, courts
  • Finding a home
  • Advice for mothers
  • Processing your traumatic experiences
  • Envisaging a future without violence


For children

  • Own play area with support from experienced childcare professionals
  • Play, crafts and physical activities as well as excursions
  • Support with schooling
  • Individual support
  • Mother and child programmes
  • Help to process experiences
  • Support with contact visits